Professional & Technical Development

Seminars and career readiness workshops hosted at partnering universities.

Our Events

Kickoff Banquet

On Thursday, October 5th, we hosted many of our closest friends (corporate partners, academic partners, and students) at our KickOFF banquet to celebrate the start of our 4th year of recruiting, training, and placing minority students into careers of influence.

Parker Lord Pregame Dinner

On Friday, November 18th, we hosted a Pre Game Dinner with Mekiyah Bailey, Gilbert Castillo, Seth Carruthers from Parker Lord Corp. and Claudis Polk from UNC SOM.

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Professional Workshops

LTPF students have professional development and career readiness sessions with industry and corporate experts. They learn about various topics that are important for young adults to learn as they prepare to enter the working world.

 Resume Transformations

On November 11th, Dr. Chelsea Sumner (NVIDIA) and Dr. Gifty Gyebi (GSK) led our students in a Resume Rebuild workshop and spoke about the importance of resumes, formatting, and content. Our mentors then worked with our students to improve their resumes and to be prepared for the job application process!

Team Mike

Theophilus Dapaah

Daisy Azagba

Wisdom Okwen

Team Jennica

Dacia Holmes

Rachel Edwards

Kalissa Jameson

Team Oluwatimilehin

Alaina Parker

Faduma Osman

Aby Sall

Technical Workshops

LTPF pilots its technical workshops, where students get hands-on learning experiences. Led by experts in a fun, encouraging, and safe environment, students have the chance to practice applicable skills, grow in confidence, and build community.

Suturing & Stitching

On October 20th, our chem/bio cohort were taught the basics of suturing and stitching by Nick Alexander, a Nurse Practitioner with UNC Department of Emergency Medicine.

Introduction to API Integration

On November 16th, our Computer & Information Science students learned about API Integration with our own LTPF alum, Elikem Des-Amekudi, who is currently working toward his Master’s at NC A&T and runs his own software company called NEAM Technologies. Preview the slides below to get a little glimpse!

Public Speaking Practice

On October 25th, our students participated in a public speaking workshop led by Assistant Director of NCSU University Theatre, Mia Self. They worked on several techniques, such as projecting and articulating, and built up their confidence.

Science Communication Project

Our students created and presented their own PowerPoints to further refine their science communication and public speaking skills. Watch the amazing results of hard work and practice below!

Team Jennica’s Presentations

Team Mike’s Presentations

Team Timi’s Presentations

What Did Last Year’s Students Do?

  • Updated their personal resumes to reflect their recent experience and attract their ideal employer
  • Prepared to submit their personal branding pitch

See Last Year’s Teams Pitch!

Nnamdi’s Team

Jennica’s Team

Student Elevator Pitches

Jennica’s Team

Karissa D. Forrester Elevator Pitch

Ricardo Hernandez-Lopez Elevator Pitch

Nnamdi’s Team

Marc Brown Elevator Pitch

Kiara Fletcher Elevator Pitch

Elikem Des-Amekud Elevator Pitch

Amber Frye Elevator Pitch

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