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What does it mean to

“Level the Playing Field”?

Level the Playing Field is a Carolina spin-out that prepares corporate America for the workforce of the future by recruiting minority undergraduates and placing them into influential internships with major corporations and hospital partners. We empower young, diverse, talented students to assume leadership positions in the new age of innovation and growth. While STEM students continue to be our focus, we serve ALL minority students.

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NC Colleges & Universities Served (3 HBCUs and 3 PWIs)


LTPF Alum in full-time careers or grad/med school


Corporate Partners with >20 being Fortune 500 Companies


LTPF Students are placed into a Summer Internship


Student Growth in confidence/skills for Career Success

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To unleash untapped talent in minority communities and empower them to guide the world into a new age of innovation and growth.

We Want You to Become a Playing Field Leveler

We Want You to Become a Playing Field Leveler

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