Founded with Purpose

In Fall 2020, Nehemiah Stewart realized that despite his low-income upbringing in Southeast Washington DC, he would be named UNC’s valedictorian for Chemistry in less than a year—a stellar achievement that was solely the result of key individuals who invested in him. Unfortunately, for most minority students across the nation, this was not the case. Although minority students could complete degrees in higher education, systemic barriers to key development and exposure would determine post-graduation success. The injustice of this revelation drove Stewart to connect with prominent faculty and industry professionals across the nation to form Level the Playing Field.

Our Mission

LTPF is committed to preparing the world for the workforce of the future by providing minority students* with career development and bridging the divide between corporate America and minority communities.

*LTPF focuses on STEM students but serves ALL students

Our Vision

To unleash untapped talent in minority communities and empower them to guide the world into a new age of innovation and growth.

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