Durham Workforce Development

We have partnered with The City of Durham’s Workforce Development Board (DWDB) to drive economic growth in Durham. Our goals are:

  • To build sustainable employment skills in young talent
  • To cultivate deeper employer relationships with biopharma
  • To develop opportunities for Durham residents to obtain well-paid biopharma careers across education levels
  • To expand DWDB’s influence on employment for minority residents beyond the NC Works Career Center
  • To increase the percent of at-risk Durham Public School youth who complete STEM degrees in higher education by engaging with K-12

Check out some of the things we have planned to accomplish these goals:

Career Fairs

LTPF will host career fairs for individuals seeking to work within biopharma corporations

Lab Skill

LTPF will coordinate with lab spaces and trainers to teach Durham residents relevant laboratory skills

Prepare High Schoolers for Higher Ed

LTPF and its IMPACT-Me partners will train mentors to deliver SAT prep, as well as “college life” prep, for high schoolers