Project BEST

Bridging Execution with Student Training

Students develop critical skills. Companies gain positive results.

Level the Playing Field works with some of the brightest undergraduate students in North Carolina. We will pair our creative thinkers with our influential corporate partners to solve these companies’ current challenges. Through Project BEST, students will learn and practice both technical and professional skills in their fields of study, which is imperative for success in the modern age. Companies benefit from our holistic approach in preparing corporations for the incoming diverse workforce and our commitment to innovative results.

Students have the unique opportunity to work through real-world challenges that they may face throughout their careers. They will be think outside the box with their teammates and continue strengthening their professional and personal skills.

Corporate partners obtain insightful, research-based solutions for the obstacles and challenges they are facing. Companies can pilot these ideas to alleviate issues and improve performance.

Our Mission & Vision

We prepare companies for the workforce of the future by providing minority students with experiential learning opportunities and career development. Through Project BEST, we can bridge the divide between corporations and minority communities in ways that benefit both corporate partners and students. Together, we can work toward unleashing the untapped talent within minority communities, empowering these individuals to guide the world into a new age of innovation and growth.

Our Goals

  • To enhance students’ professional and personal skills (e.g. communication, time management, problem-solving, leadership)
  • To provide corporate partners with innovative, research-based ideas that will contribute to company growth and efficiency
  • To effectively serve and positively impact all individuals and companies we work with

We Want You to Become a Playing Field Leveler

We Want You to Become a Playing Field Leveler

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