Internship Placement

Placing students in influential positions wherein they can catalyze change and bridge the achievement gap.

Where Are Our Students?

Check out the internships, graduate schools, and careers they have experienced!

Jarvis Blanding: McKinney Scholars at UNC and NCCU

Alexis Campbell: Merck and PhD Student at Vanderbilt

George Andrade-Muñoz: Wells Fargo and Bank of America

Samuel Okonkwo: Clinical Shadowing with Piedmont Health

De’Vion Porch: HelioCampus and Rocket Central

Bobby Sims: Howard Hughes Medical Institute and Pfizer

Janiyah Sutton: UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy

Ashley Riddick: UNC REX Healthcare

Jim Appiah: Merck

Valen Zhang: Centene BioTech

Arianna Delts: NCCU/UNC Cancer Clinical Research Program and Signature Wellness

James Issa: UNC Research in UNC Lineberger, Bosley, and Marshall Medical School

Emmanuel Otoah-Gyasi: UNC Clinical Rotational Program and TRIO McNair Scholar

Travis Cromes: SciVida, Master’s Student at Georgetown, and BD

Clarisa Garcia: EDGE Genomics at UNC SOM

Elikem Des-Amekudi: SAS and Master’s Student at NC A&T

Adelaide Owusu: Duke’s STAR Program

Aiden Pearson: SciVida and MetLife

Ann Safo: Johns Hopkins SOM

Kiara Fletcher: NSF RED Design Fellowship

Ricardo Hernandez-Lopez: Merck

Marc Brown: Red Hat

Amber Frye: Medtronic

Karissa Forrester: EDGE Genomics at UNC SOM

Chyanne McKeller: Eastman Chemical Company

Rachel Edwards: Eli Lilly

Daisy Azagba: Microsoft

Alaina Parker: Howard Hughes Medical Institute

Aby Sall: SciVida

Dacia Holmes: Myriad Genetics

Wisdom Okwen: Microsoft

Faduma Osman: Kriya Therapeutics

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