Co-curricular Crossover

Students will flex their schedules to attend a select course at the sister universities. We are so happy to build and teach our own class at UNC, where students from all our partnering universities attend a professional development class for the Spring Semester.

4/19/24: Final Project At Dinner

4/15/24: Final Project In-Office

4/8/24: Post-Internship

4/1/24: Negotiation

3/25/24: Presenting in Tough Environments

3/22/24: Managing Difficult Situations with Dawn Osborne-Adams

3/18/24: Conflict Resolution

3/2/24: Meal Etiquette with Tiffanie Hargraves

3/1/24: Building Experience with Dr. Bill Keyes

2/26/24: Break Times and Health Tech with Arvind Subramaniam

2/23/24: Maneuvering Break Times with Vaughn Jackson

2/16/24: On the Job

2/9/24: Networking with Christal Graves

2/5/24: First Contact

2/1/24: First Impressions with Brian Toomey

1/29/24: Walking Through the Front Door

1/26/24: Elevator Pitch

1/22/24: Personal Branding with Dr. Toya Corbett

1/19/24: You Just Got the Job

1/12/24: Introduction

2020-2021 Students in Seminar with Bernard Bell

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